SLO FIRE B00 and B01 Attend San Juan Cup


A combined group of 25 players from the 02, 01, and 00 age groups attended the San Juan Cal Cup tournament in Sacramento this last weekend playing as an 00 and an 01 team. It was a fantastic group to be a part of, and the growth from the weekend both from a team chemistry perspective, as well as a results perspective was fantastic. Some of the players played as many as 8!! soccer games in 3 days.

The groups were rewarded with some fantastic results as well. The B01 group made their way to the semi-final where they were edged 1-0 by a very good team. With fresher legs, they certainly would have made the final. The B00 group made the final after winning the semi-final in a PK shootout. In the end, the opponent in the final was too much for us, but the experience was fantastic.

I could not be happier with the results on the weekend, and enjoyed spending time with a fantastic group of young men and their families. On another note, most of the B00, B01, B02, and B05 boys had the opportunity to attend a Sacramento Republic game on Saturday night and visit with former Cal Poly player Matt LaGrassa who now plays professionally at Sac Republic. It was a weekend to remember!

Coach Williams

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