Information Update: 8/5/15

SLO Summer Classic
Tournament Participants

Information Update:

Team Check-In

Each venue will have a tournament headquarters.  Field Marshalls will be stationed at the headquarters and available to check-in your team and answer any questions you might have.  Please plan to check-in one hour prior to your first game.

Please be reminded, that you will need player pass cards and medical release forms (registration form) for all players and coaches.   2014-15 player pass cards are acceptable.  We will ask you to confirm your roster at check-in, confirm your contact information and sign your check- in form and game roster.


Parking at Cal Poly is free on the weekend beginning at 5pm on Friday and until midnight on Sunday. Anyone arriving on campus prior to 5pm on Friday will need to purchase a parking permit. Exception; those of you staying at Cal Poly Canyon Apartments, will receive a parking permit as part of your housing agreement. Parking is $5 a day or $3 for up to three hours.

No parking fees at Damon Garcia and Barney Schwartz. Damon parking at the entrance to the park is free, but available only to handicap, head coaches, food vendors, Site Coordinators and game officials.
Participants need to park at the adjacent SESLOC credit union. Attendants will assist you with parking. The Marigold Center across the street has said they will tow, you are on your own if you park in their lot.
Barney Schwartz parking is abundant and free, but there is a softball tournament this weekend and so the park will be very busy.


No Dogs allowed at any of the venues, please be sure to plan accordingly. Each venue has rules for the sake of maintaining safety and cleanliness of the fields.   Please abide by the field policies.

Pre-Game for coaches, players, spectators and game officials

There will be no coin flip by the game officials, prior to games.   The team listed first on the schedule is the Home team.  The Home team will defend the end of the field designated by a flag or cone placed behind the goal.  The Away team will always kick-off to begin the game.     The Home team will set up technical area on the side of the field designated by a flag or cone at midfield, and the Away team will set up on the opposite side.

Spectators should be directed to sit to the left side of midfield (team bench), while facing the field.   The touchline area to the right of midfield (team bench) is reserved for the AR to perform duties.

Exception at Cal Poly; the technical bench areas will be located on the East side of the fields, and all spectators will sit on the West side of the fields, for all games.    In this case, the spectators may share the area to the right of midfield, with the AR on that side.

All Game clocks will be started by a horn sounded at the designated start time for games, per tournament schedule.    The Field Monitor is responsible for activating the game horn at game time.

However, all games will be started by the head official’s whistle.   The game official will manage the game time, and blow the whistle to end the first half, begin the second half and to end the game.

Post Game for coaches, team managers and game officials

At the completion of each game, the team manager or coach of each team should report to the TH’s tent to approve game score and sign the game card.  The head game official should report to the TH’s to confirm official score and sign-off on both team’s game cards.   The team coaches or managers may retrieve their respective player pass cards, once the game official has approved the post match game report.  The Field Monitor should assist in getting everyone over to the TH’s immediately following the game.

We will have ice and first aid supplies for all minor injuries.  Please let your Field Monitor know if you need any assistance.

We will be choosing a “Most Outstanding Player” for each team in all Championship games and Round Robin play (winner and runner up)   Teams in championship games, please have your coach pick one player from his/her team and one player from your opponent’s team as the most outstanding, at the conclusion of the game.  The referees will also participate in the selection.   Report picks to the Field Monitor on duty.  Recipients will receive a commemorative SLO Summer Classic coin.

We are offering some pretty cool 27th Annual SLO Summer Classic Tee Shirts. $10 for youth and $15 for adult.   Speak to your Field Marshall about multiple shirt deals… cotton for the kids and a nice blend for the olders and adults.

Thank you for your participation in the 2015 SLO Summer Classic.   We will see everyone this weekend.  Safe travels and good luck in all of your games!


Bob Galarneau
Tournament Director
SLO Summer Classic
805 423 3809

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