FIRE B01 Champions at Santa Clarita Magic Cup


FIRE B01 Select Academy crowned U13 Champions at Santa Clarita Magic Cup

The B01 group had a very successful weekend in Santa Clarita. A dominant group stage performance was highlighted by a gutsy win in a tightly contested final.

Highlights from the group stage include two stunning strikes from distance from Brendan Rattigan as well as a wonderful solo goal by John Frye. There were several very good individual performances, but the star of the group stage had to be the back line led by captain Christian Mondragon, who was also responsible for the equalizer in game number 3. While we were certainly the best team in our group, to dominate games in the way we did took a monumental effort from our group in less than ideal venues.

The championship game was always going to be close between two teams that had blown through their first 3 games in style. The breakthrough came half-way through the first when Diego Albarran buried a free-kick from the edge of the area into the back of the opponent’s net. We were put on the back foot following the game, but showed great resolve in defending. The win seemed destined when Duncan Speirs saved a PK near the end of the first half. The opponent never got dangerously close again as our group defended valiantly, and showed a lot of maturity in seeing out the game in a professional manner.

It was the first tournament win for this group in several months, and against good competition. This weekend really felt like a corner turned, and look for more success in the near future.

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