Hotaling G99 Cal South ODP Call Up

SLO Storm G97 player and captain, Emma Hotaling, has been announced as one of the player selections of the Cal South Pro + Program for the 2015 Olympic Development Program – 1999 Summer Pool. The group of talented girls chosen for this pool will go into training camp starting on Sunday, May 31st.
Learn more about the program by visiting the website:

From Bob Galarneau, Director of Coaching
“A great honor for a fabulous young person, very much deserved. Emma is everything that we look for in a player. Unrivaled character, natural leadership qualities and dangerously explosive on the pitch. I am not surprised at this recognition for Emma, as she expects and demands only the best from herself, her teammates and her coaches. I have no doubt she will carry the torch for SLOSC, and represent impressively well. We are proud and excited for Emma and her family, and will support her fully, at the next level.”

From Bernardo Silva, Head Coach – SLO Storm G97
“I’m very proud of Emma for yet another achievement in her early soccer career. Besides being a special soccer player with a very high competitive drive and work ethic, she is a well-spoken and mature young lady who has a lot to offer to this world. Sports, especially soccer, are without a doubt the best platform for Emma to put to use and showcase all her qualities as a person and I couldn’t be happier for her to receive this recognition.”

From Emma Hotaling – player
“It’s an incredible privilege to be in the position I am in today. I can only look forward to the level of soccer I will be exposed, and the memories I will make while at camp. I feel blessed to be given this opportunity, and I can’t wait to get started.”

From Ken & Kelly Hotaling – parents
“Emma works very hard and this such an incredible opportunity for her. While growing up, we always looked at Olympians with awe and wonder; not only because of their athletic abilities, but also the element of pride that the athletes were representing their country. This ODP opportunity that Emma has is important not only to develop her soccer skills, but it is also an opportunity for her to represent herself, her family, her club, as well as connect herself with something very special – her country. We are very proud of her and feel very humbled and blessed.”

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